IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics

A powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool designed for turning free text into easy to analyze, quantitative, structured data. Reduces time and effort needed for mining insights from text by harnessing linguistics-based technologies and perfect for survey automation, sentiment analysis and trending topics tracking. The solution provides rich personalization and configuration abilities in order to best fit the content domain of any text and combines it seamlessly with all other SPSS Modeler features. Whether it’s social media correspondence, customer reviews or any other data, SPSS Text Analytics lets you read between the lines and leverage key findings to your needs. 

  • Stay updated with the current sentiment of correspondence about your company, competitors, products and services. View the trend overtime and forecast the impact of expected changes. 

  • Find out which topics are driving negative or positive sentiment trends and discover which topics co-occur mostly.

  • Track success of marketing campaigns, get quantitative metrics of performance and locate hindering issues.

  • Combine the structured text data into your quantitative models to enrich them with features and measures which were unavailable before.

This strong, cloud-based tool, lets you sift through social media and automatically get relevant content and insightful visualizations about the topics you choose. It's an easy to use, fit-all, solution which only requires you to know what you are looking for, and takes full care of how to find it. It is best suited for small businesses or busy analysts who wish to get general insights without slaving over configuration. Watson is perfect for influencers and trending topics discovery, and for exploring sources of conversation in social media.

  • Find out what social media has to say about your brand - Watson Analytics provides pre-configured visualizations of authors, sentiment, demographics and geography.

  • Get answers to your questions on your own - Watson allows you to ask questions in ways intuitive to you.


IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media


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