Genius Sales Booster

Sales Growth recommendation system
based on ML & AI

The CCO Challenge

If you manage a B2B sales operation, and you have hundreds or thousands of customers, and your product range includes dozens or hundreds of items, you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

  • Am I taking full advantage of my customers' buying potential? Can I predict this potential?

  • With hundreds of customers and products – Can I make sure there are no "neglected" customers or products? Such as an item that the customer buys too few / stopped or forgot to order/ never purchased?

  • Does my client purchase some products from the competitor? Can I discover it?

  • Are trade agreements optimal? Does the variety exhaust the full potential of the client?

  • Do my Sales Rep & Managers have the necessary tools to deal with all the above challenges?

Genius Sales Booster will provide you with accurate, up-to-date Answers and Smart Tools to face with the above challenges

"Big Data is only data until you do something with it."

Hezi Heber CEO

 Genius Data Science, IBM's Business Partner, delivers advanced analytical solutions and sells all IBM Business Analytics and Optimization software products. Genius helps customers to make smarter decisions,  meet business goals and achieve competitive advantages,
by applying Data science techniques and optimization methods.

Genius Sales Booster

Genius Sales Booster is a Machine Learning based Analytical system that contributes to  significant, rapid and steady growth in sales to B2B customers (stores, groceries, supermarkets, chains ...)

  • Successfully implemented with full automation for more than two years in a huge food company in the Israeli market and returned the investment within a few months. As well as in a global pharmaceutical company to increase sales to pharmacies in Europe

  • Produces dynamic up/cross sell recommendations unique to the specific customer and to the timing of the sale, taking into account seasonality, holidays, campaigns, returns, market trends, feedback, etc.

  • A Learning system - updated and improved independently

  • Suitable for small shops, private and large chains, as well as for hotels, restaurants and institutions. As well as for products with different shelf life and different order frequencies

  • Produces recommendations and targets for:

    • Telephone Sales Center, VAN Sale Representatives and EDI orders

    • Regional sales managers, trade headquarters, and anyone in the sales force with its own business concerns

  • Flexible and fully adaptable to the client’s sales methods and special emphasis

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