POA - Predictive Operational Analytics

Predictive Operational Analytics is a solution developed by Genius Systems, based on the IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ) solution


Predictive Operational Analytics, using powerful algorithms based on IBM SPSS technology, provides the following solutions to the manufacturing / production environment:

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Fault Detection

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Proactive Maintenance

  • Real Time Monitoring

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Certified as an IBM Global Solution Provider, Genius Systems can help your business improve its output and throughput by using analytical tools to reduce faults and improve production.   By using defined approaches to detect, predict and understand failures, by identifying anomalies, by monitoring and advanced statistics – Genius can save you money and time while increasing your products' performance and quality.

Our years of expertise in this field and our proven record enables us to offer complete analytical solutions to the production environment.

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