Text Analytics with Genius 

 Advanced Text Mining (NLP) for open text

Multiple Language support

Text Analytics with Genius 

Software for Automatic Text mining

  • Text Analytics and entity extraction
  • encoding open-ended questions in surveys
  • Create a categorization for open text
  • Analysis tool for qualitative research
  • Transform unstructured data to structured data
  • Cataloging documents
  • Messaging/Email Analysis
  • Easily Analyze sentiments of customer feedback
  • Multiple Language Support - English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and more
  • Graphical Results - category network, words clouds, frequency graphs and more
  • Libraries & Dictionaries
Machine Learning
Dictionaries &

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Who are we?

Genius is a software provider for all your statistical and analytical needs

Genius is proud to be an IBM business partner and an SPSS distributor in Israel for the past 20 yrs

Genius as a market leader in the field, is constantly attentive to the research community and the research institutes and statisticians and develops complementary solutions for research

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