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Genius Marketing Analytics

This solution includes a Hebrew user interface, which allows the user to select Insurance product, and some other parameters.  Then, the application activates SPSS syntaxes that calculate buying prospects and return a list of potential customers to the CRM.  

This solution is based on SPSS Statistics Standard with Forecasting, Categories and Complex Samples.

Genius Report Automation 

Magic publisher is an add-on program which takes SPSS output that is split by a variable, and generates a high quality Hebrew/English report for each split including Microsoft tables, graphs and charts.

Reports can be word, PDF, excel or Power Point formats.

All SPSS modules necessary to produce the output are used in this solution together with Custom Tables.

"Big Data is only data until you do something with it."

Hezi Heber CEO

 Genius Data Science, IBM's Business Partner, delivers advanced analytical solutions and sells all IBM Business Analytics and Optimization software products. Genius helps customers to make smarter decisions,  meet business goals and achieve competitive advantages,
by applying Data science techniques and optimization methods.

Genius Predictive Solution
for Commercial and Academic 

This solution provides proven methodology to implement predictive models s.a. 

  • Profiling of students, build baskets of courses, predict and score success of student to succeed

  • Profiling of customers and prospects, build baskets of products, predict and score success of new sales, cross/up sales

then deploy those models in operational environment. Our customers have unlimited access to our help desk by telephone or by mail. This solution is based on all SPSS Statistics modules.

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